Natural 3D Vision for Surgery  
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Dr. Bill Mason (Chairman)
Dr. Bill Mason gained his doctorate in life sciences from Trinity College, Cambridge, in the UK. Prior to his successful business career, he led an academic programme of medical research focused on the use of medical imaging and high throughput screening, and developed a number of products for 3D confocal microscopic imaging. He has over 150 publications and has lectured widely around the world. He is also the founder of several successful high technology companies. One of these, Life Science Resources, was sold to Perkin Elmer Life Sciences PLC, and was engaged in medical imaging, high throughput screening, proteomics and drug discovery. He has worked with a number of healthcare, life science, medtech and biotech companies to develop their strategic direction, realise funding, gain value for shareholders and implement business development, commercialisation and licensing activity. In this capacity, he has conducted over 75 transactions in the last five years. Dr. Mason also acts as a non-executive Chairman or Director for a portfolio of public and private life science and technology companies. He has led several IPOs and numerous private equity financings in UK, Europe and USA. He has also acted in an advisory capacity for a number of VC and private equity firms.

Dr Hugh Grant (Director and Clinical Advisor)
Hugh is a paediatric surgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital,Oxford. He has helped to develop and extend laparoscopic surgical techniques for children in the UK. The Oxford Department is one of the largest centres for laparoscopic surgery in children in the UK. He is a director of two private companies, and has been central to the planning of the new Children’s Hospital in Oxford. He brings practical experience of what surgeons require from laparoscopy and has worked with industry to refine new products. Hugh leads the 3D Surgical Clinical Advisory Board and is a champion for the Company's technology in providing an interface with surgeons and teaching institutions.

Dr Graham Street (Director and Lead Technical Advisor)
Graham trained as a physicist and obtained a multi-disciplinary Ph.D. from Cambridge University. He successfully founded a number of companies. Laser-Scan Limited was the first to occupy the Cambridge Science Park, in the mid 1970’s. For eight years, Graham held senior marketing and business management positions, within the computer industry. He worked for Digital Equipment Corporation (Now Hewlett Packard). His particular area of responsibility was in Computer Graphics products. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of three-dimensional imaging and has been active in this field, since 1982.  He founded Surgical Vision Limited in 1994. Graham leads the product engineering programme.