Natural 3D Vision for Surgery  
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3D SURGICAL Applications

3D Surgical has developed unique technology which provides ‘natural’ 3D imaging for key-hole surgery. Currently, the vast majority of key-hole surgery is performed using 2D camera systems. This results in a lack of perspective and depth - this makes surgery more difficult and can result in surgical errors. 3D Surgical’s technology allows the surgeon to perform tasks in exactly the same way as he/she currently does, but with clear 3D images and no need for glasses or head-gear.

The early applications for 3D Surgical’s  laparoscopic system will be in fields of key-hole surgery where there is a technical challenge that could be helped by improved vision – laparoscopic colo-rectal procedures (colectomy, rectopexy), laparoscopic gynaecological procedures (infertility interventions, hysterectomy), Upper G.I. surgery (fundoplication, bariatric bypass surgery), and in Urology (prostatectomy, pyeloplasty).

3D Surgical’s technology will also enable emerging techniques to develop more easily (single port surgery), and trans-anal endoscopic microsurgery (T.E.M.) for rectal tumours.

3D Surgical’s monitor technology will provide ‘real’ 3D for interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, and image reconstruction.

Future applications include smaller 3D laparoscopes for use in cystoscopy, E.N.T., and paediatrics; 3D flexible endoscopes for use in interventional and diagnostic endoscopy; 3D flexible endoscopes for N.O.T.E.S. (natural orifice trans-endoluminal surgery).